IACA Master/Apprentice Deadline This Monday

The Ethnic and Folk Arts Master/Apprentice Program (MAP) acknowledges and supports the mentoring relationship that develops between a master artist and their apprentice over time. MAP helps communities preserve their own culture by providing an opportunity for master traditional artists to pass on their skills to a qualified apprentice in a time-honored method.

The application is open in the Illinois Arts Council’s online Salesforce system … Read More

MAP Program Update

The Illinois Art Council Agency has updated their online application system to Salesforce as they continue to better their system for us.If you have previously applied for an IACA grant online within the last five years, your information will carry over. You may need to reset your password. This is done by clicking “Forgot Your Password” underneath the login screen. … Read More

Bishop Hill Chautauqua 2021

Great event celebrating Bishop Hill’s 175th Anniversary this Saturday and Sunday.

This FREE event will be held in the village square. Bring a Lawn Chair, bring a friend, and get out there early to enjoy the Museums and Shops of Bishop Hill. You’ll recognize the 1PM Joe Hill: A Swedish Social Activist performance is by our founder and current board member: Bucky Halker. … Read More