Edna Patterson-Petty


ednaHow do you create beauty?


Edna Patterson-Petty first learned the skills of making scrap quilts from her mother:  “We came from the school of survival and making use of what you had.  You take bits and pieces of what is available to you, and create something unique.” 


When I create, I do it from the heart…  Everything I do is based on doing it from a place of love.


“I used to be embarrassed from not having what other kids have, but now I love that I can make something from nothing.  I have a different way of seeing things.  I know how to take trash and turn it in to a treasure.  Many people look at a pile of trash, and see nothing good in it.  And then I can take that and make something.  They wonder, where did you get that?  And I say, from that same pile you just walked by.  I’ve just been able to do that.”










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Additional Resources

Artist book: Fabrics Work: My Creative Journey. By Edna Patterson-Petty. (2012.) Available on Amazon.


Artist’s website with more background information on her work: http://www.fabricswork.com/