Robert Bowlin




Where is your inspiration?


Robert Bowlin was born in Pocahontas, Arkansas and has toured and recorded with Bill Monroe, Tom T. Hall, Kathy Mattea, Faron Young, The Osborne Brothers, and Ricky Van Shelton.


“I started out on the ukelele when I was two and fooling with the piano as soon as I could climb up on the bench. I remember the day I went into the family room and there was my dad’s guitar on the couch. I picked up that guitar and I never played the ukelele again.”


“As a kid I grew up trying to emulate all my relatives. They all played different kinds of music, so when I got to be an adult I could play different styles. I could combine the different elements with whatever style suits me.”


“I don’t think I’d be very inspired if it wasn’t for getting on stage and sharing the music with people, playing in front of people. That’s the enjoyment and incentive. There is still nothing I like better than playing a show.”


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