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What makes you proud?


Founded in 1984 by Arnulfo Camarillo, this organization presents the rich tradition of Mexican dance.  His student, Ray Terronez, Jr. is now lead dance instructor: I always got the complaint from my friends that I wasn’t Mexican because I didn’t know Spanish. My response was that I knew how to dance and perform to Mexican folk music.  That’s something that I ‘m proud of.  I think that is part of my culture and my path to learning about it.  The dances—they all tell a story.


Former dancer Elena Anderson agrees:  My daughter is three and hopefully she’ll start going to practices next year.  I would be so proud if she decided to dance because I think that it is in her blood.  I think that growing up around the music and dance makes me proud of who I am and I want her to have this same feeling. 













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 More information on this art form and artist can be found in our Teacher’s Guide.



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