Laborlore Documentation

Work with noted labor historian and field researcher Bucky Halker to share these rich stories and histories with your class, club, or other events.

Be a part of building a map of labor and occupational traditions in the Upper-Midwest.

Share stories from your family or work site for potential inclusion to the Laborlore archives of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.


Oral History

Workshops on how to collect oral histories and preserve them for future generations.

Work with Company of Folk Staff to learn how to draw out rich narratives and stories, interpret, and how to best share these oral histories with other audiences.

Have the significant stories of your family, community, and workplace documented by Company of Folk staff using archival methods to preserve these narratives for future generations.


Field Research Methods Training

Groups of all ages and interests can participate in training sessions of various lengths in an effort to learn more about the tools that they can use to document what is special and unique about their group or community.  Documentation can also be useful in supporting grant proposals, award nominations, 4-H reports or scouting badges, and to impact development in a community.

Learn how to create documentation through field research suitable for archiving of significant people, places and art forms identified.  Work product can be used to develop place-based education initiatives, (including lesson plans and curriculum, workshops for students, teachers and community members), heritage tourism, register of significant assets to inform development plans, etc.


Grant Workshops and Technical Assistance

Experienced grant writers with experience writing state, federal, corporate, and foundation grants facilitate hands-on workshops to demystify the world of grants and help participants create materials that will be useful for future grant writing.

One-on-One grant writing services are offered.

Technical Assistance for a variety of arts and humanities grants is offered for artists, tradition bearers, community scholars, and small non-profit organizations.


Illinois Cultural Survey

Be a part of the Illinois Cultural Survey that is looking to document the many and rich traditions around the state.  Let Company of Folk staff know if there is a tradition or master artist in your community who we should know.


New Media and Documentation

Workshops and training are available in beginning video and audio editing, digital storytelling, and how to use new media to its fullest potential for artists, communities, and non-profits.