Company of Folk Thanks Funders & Artists


January 1, 2017


Company of Folk would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year for 2017 and to thank those organizations who generously provided financial support for 2016.


Special thanks to the Illinois Arts Council Agency which has provided support for the work of Company of Folk for ten years.  Without their commitment to folk and traditional arts in Illinois and the support of their staff the work of Company of Folk would be impossible.


Additional thanks go out to the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events at the City of Chicago for their willingness to provide Company of Folk with general operating grants for the last few years.   DCASE does wonderful work in the City and deserves our continued support in their efforts.


Thanks also go out to to the National Endowment for the Arts for their support of Company of Folk through the Art Works section of the NEA.  The NEA has provided Company of Folk with grants for exhibitions, folk music CD projects, and our programming over the last several years and we are grateful for the generosity they have show us.   Their staff has been incredibly helpful and have gone beyond the call of duty in their effort to make Company of Folk’s work easier and more successful.


Finally, we want to thank those many folk and ethnic artists who we have worked with since Company of Folk was founded in late 2007.   Without these artists Company of Folk would not exist!  Take a look at the Folksongs of Illinois CD series, our facebook page, and our website, and you can see just how great a contribution these artists have made to making the state of Illinois a more rewarding and beautiful place to live.   Long live artists and art!


Clark “Bucky” Halker


Company of Folk