Illinois Arts Council Agency: Support for Individual Artists, Apply Now!

Company of Folk Reminder to Illinois Artists

Company of Folk wants to remind Illinois artists that important grants are available to you through the Illinois Arts Council Agency (IACA) for 2015.   Traditional folk and ethnic artists (music and material culture) may apply for support through the Master Apprentice Program.  Artists in any contemporary genre or traditional arts may also apply for support through the Individual Artist Support Program. 



The deadline for a master apprentice award is approaching soon and will be due on January 9, 2014. For information visit:  The rules on this award are very specific about who may be considered a traditional or ethnic artist, so read the definition details carefully.  


If you believe you qualify, want to apply, and need help with the grant application, contact Susan Dickson at the IACA.  Company of Folk is also happy to assist you, thanks to funding form the IACA, and you should feel free to contact Company of Folk staff: or Lisa Rathje at


The deadline for the individual artist grants is an open deadline.   However, since they review applications throughout the year until the funds are depleted, it is in your interest to apply early for an award.  For details on this award visit the IACA website:  


Unlike the master apprentice awards, the individual awards are open to artists working in a variety of fields and who have a specific project in mind.  Artists can also receive support for professional development in this category, though those awards are smaller than project awards.  


If you have questions, you should contact the IACA or feel free to contact Company of Folk Director, Bucky Halker at  Bucky has received many of these awards over the last fifteen years, including one in 2014.  He has also helped many other artists write successful applications.  


Support the Arts in America, now more than ever!