Illinois Arts Council Announces 2013 Apprenticeship Awards in Ethnic & Folk Arts

The Ethnic and Folk Arts Master Apprentice Program recognizes the vital role of the master artist/apprentice relationship in the preservation of the state’s cultural heritage. The program helps communities preserve their own culture by providing an opportunity for master traditional artists to pass on their skills to a qualified apprentice in a time-honored method. Contact Company of Folk for more information on these art forms or artists.


Art Form: Weaving with two-harness loom
Master Artist: Lloyd W. Ham
Apprentice: Brooks Olds


Art Form: Japanese Classical Dance Performance
Master Artist: Kazuhiro Masuda
Apprentice: Rika Lin


Art Form: Bharatanatyam
Master Artist: Vanitha Veeravalli
Apprentice: Sutikshna Veeravalli


Art Form: Stringed Tamburitza instruments
Master Artist: Joseph Kirin
Apprentice: Jovan Krcadinac


Art Form: Mexican Fiddle Music Styles
Master Artist: Victor Pichardo
Apprentice: Gabriella Pichardo


Art Form: Hammered Dulcimer, Playing & Performing
Master Artist: Roger W. “Bill” Robinson
Apprentice: Katherine Moritz